Frameworks Frameworks, 2021, (installation view, East Quad, Grangegorman, Dublin, 2021) This work uses The Great Palm House at the National Botanic Gardens as a responsive site and a research source. The area became a means of exploring the relationships between humans and biodiversity in the age of the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene epoch [...]



 Homework Homework (detail 2018), sanded pinewood, lightbulbs Homework (detail 2018), sanded pinewood, lightbulbs Homework (detail 2018), sanded & painted pinewood, duct tape, lightbulbs, wire mesh, 265 cm x 31 cm x 283 cm Homework (detail 2018) [...]

Class Languages


 Class Languages Class Languages, 2018 (installation view, North House, Grangegorman, Dublin, 2018) This work focuses on the closure and regeneration of the historic Dublin City Fruit, Vegetable & Flower Market on Mary’s Lane, Dublin 7. The Victorian building opened in 1892, and the revival will focus on meeting the changing [...]

Still life


 Still life Still Life. text, 2019 Still Life, 2019, (installation view, The Attic, Dublin, 2020) HD sound & video 42 sec loop, HD monitor 53 cm x 81 cm. smoked & tempered glass 48 cm x 78 cm, fractured concrete slabs variable. 53 cm x 81 cm [...]